River’s Run Professional Building

A local family practice group wanted to relocate to be more visible and close to the local hospital’s new site.  After consideration of several possibilities, a level site directly across Main Street from the hospital entrance was acquired.  The family practice was to be accommodated on the second floor of a two-story structure, with the lower level leased to specialty medical practices. To speed construction,  a steel framed structure was chosen. Exterior walls are framed with lightgage steel, and the exterior walls are clad with synthetic stone and brick, accented with precast concrete elements.  Virtually all corridors are double-loaded, yielding a highly efficient floor plan on both floors. Where possible, ends of corridors are open to views of the site, and several of these corridor ends yield small work areas. The site provides a covered drop-off circle at the main entry and parking for about 90 cars. Stormwater is managed by underground storage and rain gardens, eventually discharging into the Middle Fork of the Holston River, which run along the south side of the site.