Be kind to the earth.  Strive to create healthy environments that conserve our natural resources during both construction and operation.

Use materials wisely and beautifully.  Carefully evaluate each material selection for durability, functionality, and cost-effectiveness and then assemble those materials to create a whole that optimizes benefits of function, maintainability, and beauty.

Architecture is for people.  During design, continually assess how building users and viewers will experience their environment – visually, tactilely, and emotionally.

Context is critical to design.  Always consider the social, economic, visual, political, historical, and functional context and impacts of projects.

The quality of life is enhanced by beauty and serendipity.  Challenge ourselves to find opportunities to incorporate elements which feed the human spirit.

Our clients deserve our best.  Strive to apply the full measure of our knowledge and talent to each project and to be responsive, responsible, and professional.